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reunited in 2017

"In one way [the process to bring family] is fair, and in one way it's not fair. It's fair because the person who needs to meet with his family is me, and what the government is doing to me is helping me. And to help me, they need to get more proof that what I'm saying is real. If I look at it from that perspective, it's okay. It's also unfair, because for someone who is naïve, who doesn't know what's going on, to go through that process is very hard. Some people give up."

Abdi is a Somali refugee who resettled to Columbus, Ohio in November 2013. He applied in June 2014 for his wife, daughter, and step-daughter to join him.




Abdi posted a picture of himself in the snow on his Facebook page after he arrived in America.

He now lives in Louisville, Kentucky. 



A screenshot from Abdi's phone. The picture is of his two daughters, who live with his wife in Nairobi, Kenya. 


Abdi's family joined him in Louisville, Kentucky in 2017.

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