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reunited 2015

"When I was in Sudan, I was not like other young guys. I was very upstanding. You know what I mean by upstanding? I mean I didn't chase after women. Even in Sudan, they say 'You have to live while you're young.' But me, even after I came to the United States alone, even if I thought about someone else, I would think back to [my wife] Salwa."

Noreldin was the first refugee from Darfur in Baltimore, Maryland, to apply for his family to join him in the United States. 




The photograph Noreldin provided to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services of his wife, Salwa, and his two sons. 

This picture was taken in 2013 in Darfur, Sudan. In Baltimore, Noreldin took great pains to procure it. 



Noreldin with his family in January 2017. The photograph was taken in their living room in Maryland.


Noreldin and Salwa were reunited on July 2, 2014. Separated by war, they had not seen one another for six years.


On Noreldin's lap sits their new daughter. 

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