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"My wife and my daughter . . . They are in another place on the earth, and it is a problem."

- Eesam Seyam, Kentucky

family in Sudan

"Part of my body is there. And I am worried."

-Fathi Farah, Kentucky

family in Ethiopia


Some refugees arrive in the United States without a crucial family member:


A daughter, a son, a husband or a wife.

Maybe they became separated from their family when war came to their village. Or maybe they split up to survive, to try to scrape together money or food. And they planned to meet again. But things didn't work out that way. 

One family member ends up, resettled, in the United States. 

The other does not. 

The I-730 is an application that a refugee in the United States can submit to the US government to reunite with her family. If the process goes smoothly, her family members will eventually board a plane and join her in America.

It does not always go smoothly. 

This collection of photographs depicts these refugee families. Some are happily reunited after years apart. Others are still waiting.

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